What If...
Call for Scores

I blend research, teaching, and performance to design projects that engage people with music, creativity, and their community. The What If… Call for Scores embodies this mission by providing an accessible opportunity for a diverse group of composers, expanding repertoire for flutists of different expertise, and welcoming the listener’s perspective into the creative process of selecting winning pieces.

In 2023, I commenced with the first call and premiere. In my research on how listeners make meaning of music, people shared how they often associate the flute with a bird. The What If… Call for Scores invited composers to write music that expands perceptions of the flute based on the prompt “What if the flute represented a character other than a bird?”

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Beginner Flute Repertoire

Category Winner: Prehistoric by Tyler Zwink (USA)

Tokay! by Leslie Donovan (Canada)
What If Elephants Dreamed They Could Fly by Lucas Hill (USA)
Researcher in the Library by Kevin Kato (USA)
The Sand Bubbler Crab by Ethan Prado (USA)
The Dancing Frog by Patty Salmond (USA)
Valse des Grenouilles by Wes Stephens (USA)

Intermediate Flute Repertoire

Category Winner: A Beetle’s Journey by Denise Ondishko (USA)

The Death of Pan by Werner De Bleser (Belgium)
Ksana by Da-Yu Liu (Taiwan)
The Galumphing Tortoise by Jessica Schaumburg (USA/ China)

Advanced Flute Repertoire

Category Winner: The Optimist by Henry Ives (USA)

The Fire Engine by Matthew Benbenek (USA)
Chacchoben Ruminations by Eric Davis (USA)
Song of Water by Daniel Gledhill (USA)
Labyrinth 1 by Szymon Wieczorek (Poland)

The 2023 call for scores and premiere recital was supported in part by the East Lansing Arts Commission and the MSU College of Music Running Start.

2022-23 Selection Committee

The relationship between a composer, performer, and listener is beautiful, complex, and vital. As an advocate for valuing and including performers of all levels and music listeners, I invited three people of different music backgrounds to be on the committee. 

Elise Blatchford, Guest Professional Flutist
Associate Professor of Flute, University of Memphis School of Music, TN

Gerardo Lopez, Guest Adult Flute Enthusiast 
Ph.D. Student in Music Theory, Ohio State University, OH

Ramona Fantini, Guest Non-Performing Listener
Entrepreneur and Business Consultant, SC

James Brinkmann, Founder of Innovative Flutist
DMA, Adjunct Lecturer of Flute, University of Texas at Tyler, TX

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