These recitals will change the way you listen and experience music.
Erica Bass Pirtle
President, Atlanta Flute Club

Innovative Flutist (IF)

Innovative Flutist (IF) stems from asking the question, “What if ____?” when creating different interactive programs to see how listeners can explore their connection with music.

From coffee shops to 1,000 seat performing arts centers, I have loved performing for and collaborating with a range of communities that include casual music listeners to professional musicians. These programs provide a fun and creative musical experience for universities, performing arts organizations, museums, business wellness events, and social groups.

My programs include a variety of interdisciplinary elements, lengths, and potential to be tailored to meet your community’s needs. You’ll find them organized here by Performances and Workshops.

"James Brinkmann’s Interactive Recitals are uniquely creative and thought provoking. These concerts bring about an enthusiasm from his audience to think outside the box. James’ unique vision helps others to view music as an expansive language, allowing the listener to reach further with their own musical ideas."
Lisa Byrnes
Associate Principal Flute, Utah Symphony
Adjunct Professor, University of Utah

Interactive Performance
(trust me to create it)

*Most popular performance option!

Let’s work together! This custom option allows me to learn about your community and cater an interactive program tailored to their interests. In addition to high-quality performance, interactive programs can include a participatory activity (artistic or not), individual reflection time, and small or large group discussion. This option requires 2-4 meetings 6 months before the desired concert date to design a tailored program.

These performances engage audience members by giving them a fresh and welcoming approach to listening to music using different creative activities. As they actively participate in the performance, they find a deeper personal meaning in music.

James Brinkmann presenting Interactive Performance to a classroom of high school students

Concerto for Audience

*Performed at the 2023 Midwest Clinic Orchestra Reading Session

Imagine your ensemble and audience having fun making music together! Concerto for Audience is a participatory concert work for large ensemble (orchestra/band) and audience. With easy-to-follow instructions for the audience, create a memorable music experience for your community and join the Concerto for Audience family!

Visit Just A Theory Press for sheet music. 

James as a soloist with orchestra
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Concerto for Frenemies

*Performed by Floboe Productions (James Brinkmann, flute & Alli Gessner, oboe)

This is a comedic and theatrical music production of Mozart’s Concerto for Flute/Oboe. A fusion of classical music, costumes, and theatre, this program tells the story of a Divo flutist and Diva oboist who try to upstage the other and prove their musical dominance by playing Mozart’s music! The audience interacts throughout the show as the divas’ adoring fans. Rivalry, impoliteness, short tempers, a little romance, and of course, Mozart’s music reign supreme in this comedic classical music production. Will the Divas ever see eye to eye?

Chamber and orchestra versions available.

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‘L’-Evating Art

‘L’-Evating Art began in Chicago’s subway stations when train passengers created art while listening to me play classical music. This interdisciplinary social event recreates the interactive subway experience for communities by having audiences create artwork while listening to the same music that I performed in the subways. Afterward, participants will see and talk about the subway art collection and the new artwork they created. 

This program can be offered as a single concert or as an exhibit at a museum or art gallery.

James Brinkmann playing flute in a classroom
Play Video about James Brinkmann playing flute in a classroom

The Art of Listening

*Most popular workshop!

Discover the creative ways in which listeners make meaning of music and express it through different participatory activities. Emphasis is placed on guided listening to music of different genres and developing greater awareness and understanding of personal and other people’s connections to music.

Two people particing in James Brinkmann's Art of Listening workshop

The Performer’s Story

What is your voice as a performer? This brainstorming workshop allows professional musicians, college music students, or adult amateur performers to explore their musical identity and ways to authentically express themselves through performance (solo, chamber, orchestra, genre-specific, interdisciplinary, etc.). Every participant will flesh out a personalized concert program by exploring their historical and current experiences with music. Through collaborative activities, they will also receive feedback and bounce around ideas on other participants’ projects in an open-minded environment.

James Brinkmann with the participants after the Performer's Story workshop