Teaching Philosophy

Studying the flute is an opportunity to have fun while learning about music, culture, other people, and yourself.

James Brinkmann sitting on stage with his flute choir student

Teaching is one of the greatest joys for me. With over 10 years of teaching beginners through professionals and adult enthusiasts, I love guiding people through the learning process and watching them live into their joy of music.

I focus on helping students develop their fundamentals of flute playing so they can become more aware and independent when learning music. I also approach flute lessons with a holistic philosophy, believing that studying music leads to a richer life through a better understanding and awareness of ourselves.

I offer private lessons, workshops, and masterclasses. All teaching services are available online and are catered to different skill levels and ages: adult learners, college students, early professionals, and elementary through high school ages.

Cultivating curiosity, guiding through the process, and amplifying expression.


Each student’s curiosity and motivation to learn the flute and music is unique. I encourage them to develop that curiosity in lessons through repertoire selections, as well as musical and interdisciplinary exercises.


Studying music is a process of gaining self-awareness and developing the skills to solve problems independently. I use specific methods to help the student develop the skills to have fun playing music and achieve their goals.


Playing music is one of the gifts of being human. It encourages self-expression, creativity, and community. I guide students to discover their connection to the music, find their musical voice, and find a place to share it.

James Brinkmann teaching a student

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